Bike Safety Every Rider Must Read

Motorcycles have been growing in popularity as humans discover that they’re not for recreational (fun), but a great and a cheap way to travel from one place to another. Yes, motorcycle may be answer to your daily commute, but can be life threatening, if serious precautions are not taken before (or while) riding it.

Most on road bike injuries happen because of the biker’s fault, but the blame is always thrown on the drivers of heavy automobiles: the cars, the trucks, the buses, etc.

Basic road safety tips for bikers

Look straight

Don’t look here and there; pay attention to your driving and look straight to see the road ahead.

Avoid unnecessary riding over the puddles

Don’t ride your bike over the puddles, broken glasses, drainage grates, and gravel. They are can be dangerous as one cannot predict their depth while biking.

Keep a sufficient gap

Always keep a safe sufficient distance when passing through parked vehicles on the streets of your town, to avoid crashes when someone in the parked car unexpectedly opens its door and moreover, to avoid the touch and go accidents.

Obey traffic rules and regulations

Obey all the traffic rules of your country and town

Don’t rush

A Yellow Light does not mean to have to stop at once, but for bikers it would be a good idea to stop because rushing through a Yellow Light with big vehicles may be a dangerous thing to do on road.

Ride carefully through the intersection

Most biker’s bang onto the car or other heavy vehicles when they try to show their unique biking skills while passing through an intersection.

As you ride near an intersection, make sure to look over your left shoulder for any approaching traffic. If the road is clear, make a strong and a clear signal with the help of your arm that you are going to take a turn. Apart from hand signal you make eye-to-eye contact with other commuters.

Make use of the bike horn frequently

Yes, horns do cause massive noise pollution, but as you are riding the smallest machine on the road, but not the slowest, so make use of the warning device installed on your bike.